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the GuangMing Industrial Park
  GuangMing Industrial Park, with the total investment over RMB 600 millions, is located in Chengdu Economy Development Zone of LongQuanyi district covering an area of 323460.5m2 (about 485.2mu).. GuangMing Industrial Park consists of 3 areas as A-major plant areca, B-holding company and development planning area and C-R&D and ZhongShi plant area, where, the overall layout is tailored to the needs of large batch production ,R&D expansion as well as the further development and construction of the holding company.
   The project of business movement to GuangMing Industrial Park was started in 2007 and planned to be completed in 2009. GuangMing Industrial Park is an ideal place for CDGM to expand its investment in environment-friendly-optical-glass production that will enable the optimization of the whole product-structure.
   With the final survey and putting into production, the whole industrial park will realize the processes of automotive raw-material distribution, centralized production, integrated storage as well as the modernized management.


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