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  CDGM is a leading professional optoelectronic materials supplier in China and has a certain influence in the world. The products are widely used in the fields of photoelectric information, aerospace and new energy.In order to meet the demands of modern photoelectric information products, we supply more than 240 glass types with different forms such as strip, pressing, aspherical preform. We also provide special glass, lighting glass, electronic glass, precious metal (platinum and rhodium, etc) refining and processing services.

Company NameCDGM Glass CO.,Ltd.
LocationNo. 359, Chenglong Avenue, LongQuan YI District,Chengdu,SichuanProvince,China
Paid-CapitalRMB 3.099 billion
Number of Employees4200
BusinessProduction and sales of optical glass, such as strips and pressings;optical elements;platinum refining and processing.
Main customersFUJINON、OLYMPUS, Canon,Nikon,Sony,Panasonic,SAMSUNG,CHINONTEC ect.

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