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Apr, 1956Foundation of the factory
Sep,1958The first pot of K8 optical glass
Jan, 1961Starting development of radio-resistance optical glass,by the end of 1964,more than 21 types were developed.
Dec,1963Quartz production line was put into operation
Oct, 1972Establishment of R&D Department.
Starting the production of Lanthanum glass and batch production of Nd:YAG crystal
Mar,1985Formal acceptance and operation of 3D melting line introduced from Hoya
Aug,1985Formal operation of Pt processing and purification line introduced from Japan Tanaka precious Metal Company
Dec,1989Construction and operation of Galaxie medium-frequency chamber.
introcuced from France LPAL.Since then, m50 100mm Nd:YAG crystal rods became available.
Dec,1996Acquirement of the right of direct export
Dec,1997The first non-alkali borosilicate sheet glass line in China
Oct,2001Successfully passing the state acceptance check of La-family glass industrialization demonstration project
Jul,2003Certifi cates of GBjT1900 1-2000 ( idt 1509001 :2000 ) standard
Dec,2004Establishment of CDGM Glass CO.,Ltd.
Oct,2005Our R&D Center achieved the national level
Dec,200SThe start of construction for Guangming Industry District-the new production base
Jan,2006Successfully passing the state acceptance check of phosphate optical glass, high-level Eco glass and Lafamily glass technology innovation project

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