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Lanthanum Optical Glass
  Lanthanum optical glass features high refraction and low dispersion, thus can efficiently simplify optical system, expand visual angle and minimize lens. In this connection, this sort of glass is extensively applied in high-tech optoelectronic products such as digital cameras, video cameras, scnners ,pick-ups, projection TV, duplicating machines, laser printers etc.
  We produce several dozen types of lanthanum glass categorized as LaK, LaF and ZLaF. The technical performance of the glass reaches the international level of the similar.

Environmentally-friendly Optical Glass
  The environmentally-friendly optical glass developed and produced by us covers more than 100 types in 14 categories, namely, H-FK, H-QK, H-K, H-BaK, H-ZK, H-QF, H-F, H-ZF, H-ZBaF, H-LaK, H-LaF and H-ZLaF. This kind of glass features no lead, no arsenic, no cadmium, lower density and preferable chemical stability, Therefore contributes a lot to environmental protection. The glass is mainly used in optical devices and Apparatuses Like digital video, digital duplicating machine, scanner and astronomical telescope.

Fluorophosphate Optical Glass
  Fluorophosphate optical glass produced by us is of excellent performance, such as low softening point and high fluorescent intensity. Asphericallens pressed with this sort of glass can effectively eliminate aberration, apparently improve imaging quality and reduce the weight of an optical system. Fluorophosphate optical glass is mainly applied in precision optical system with high resolution, such as digital camera, LCD projector etc.

Low Softening Point Glass
  The optical glass with low softening point is an ideal material for precision pressings. As the softening temperature of the glass is decreased below 600 <-, the lifespan of the dies is effectively widened, and manufacturing cost is reduced accordingly. The low softening point glass is mainly applied in the molding of asphericallenses.

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